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A Broken World

Nov 22, 2020

This weeks episode I was joined by my good friend Valera Kushnir who currently lives in Florida after migrating from Ukraine when he was a teenage. We sat down to discuss his first experience voting in the US since becoming a citizen, his hopes for the future of US politics, COVID, and the tech industry.



Nov 15, 2020

This week I was joined by my friend Casey Larkins from Maryland USA, Casey came on to discuss the current situation with the election results, the fraud controversy, how covid affected things ad more. 

Nov 6, 2020

Welcome back to A Broken World!! This week I was joined for a second time by my good friend Chuck Vincent to talk all about the US election. Chuck and I are looking to make this into a regular series as we are from opposite ends of the political spectrum but have a mutual respect for each other and are able to talk...