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A Broken World

Mar 29, 2020

For this weeks episode, I was joined by Chris Duke, author of the children's mental health book, Lucy's Blue Day.  We sat down to discuss his book, his experience with mental health in his own life and how the book has helped a lot of children across the country. Please be aware that this is talk of self-harm in...

Mar 22, 2020

For this weeks episode, I was joined by Marjorie Clark, a volunteer and founder at Perth And Kinross Food Bank. We sat down to discuss what the food banks do and the issues surrounding them.

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Mar 15, 2020

For this weeks episode, I was joined by Andy Anderson who has written several books on the issue of a new currency for a future independent Scotland. We sat down to discuss his newest book, A Clean Currency For Prosperous Scotland. We also discuss a report that he published on the postal votes during the 2014...

Mar 8, 2020

For this week's episode, I was joined once again by David Low to pick up the story from where we left off in our first podcast together where he picked up an injury and it completely changed his life forever. This was a very powerful and honest podcast and was a real insight into mental health and the way these things...

Mar 2, 2020

This week i was joined by Zoe Cooper who was one of the first group of students to complete the forensics crime writing course at Dundee University. We sat down to discuss the course and Zoe's writing aswell as her aspirations  of getting into TV or Film.

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